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Sterilization Washing Machine - OH6800_X

Model: OH6800_X
Sterilization Washing Machine
10 Second Machine For Babies

Baby bottles play an important role to infants. They can't live without them.
The bottle is something that will have direct contact between the mouth and the baby, mothers should pay extra attention to the hygiene of the bottle. But, how to sterilize bottles in a safe and secure way?
You may select a detergent with natural ingredients. Alternatively, use CASHIDO's 10 Second Machine, an anti-bacterial ozone sanitizer. It is great for rinsing baby's bottles, toys, dishes, silverware…etc. Ozone is a natural
SGS Test Report
The following product and pesticides were submitted by/on behalf of client as below and confirmed by SGS
Model of Product : OH-6800, ozone concentration 150 mg/hr
Date of Sample Received : Nov. 22,2004
Date of Testing : Dec. 01, 2004
Location of Testing : SGS Taiwan
Test Requested : Determination of the pesticides residues of submitted sample.
Test Method : Pretreatment :
(Vegetables prepared by SGS)
  1. Dilute the Cypermethrin, Mevinphos and Cabaryl to 1/1500, 1/20 and respectively.
  2. Add 1.7 ml Cypermethrin, 12.75 m Mevinphos and 3.00 g Cabaryl to 2550 ml water in 5L beaker. Stir with a glass bar until Cabaryl powder dissolved.
  3. Put the vegetables into the pesticides solution for 1 minute and stir.
  4. Take the vegetables out, dry in the air for 30 minutes.
  5. Control group : take the 50g vegetable to analyze.
  6. Experimental group : take the 50g vegetable, wash and rub about 10 seconds for each leaf by the ozone water, then dry in the air for 30 minutes.

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Sterilization Washing Machine

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