Shoe Inserts Arch Support

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Shoe Inserts Arch Support - 6-4

Model: 6-4
Shoe Inserts Arch Support
1. Strengthen our muscles
It strengthens the psoas, gluteus muscle, abdominal muscle. It protects the spine, reduces the improper force of the intervertebral disc. It is like wearing a "clothes of human natural iron" to prevent and improve the lumbar muscle's strain, lower back pain, sports injuries.

2. Design fit ankle structure – Beautiful posture insoles

3. Benefits
  • Restore sitting, standing, walking and running posture.
  • Improve weight dispersion and reduces pressure on joints.
  • Improve stability and muscle strains for high arched foot.
  • Relieve pain on foot, ankle, heel, waist, back and shin.

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Shoe Inserts Arch Support

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