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Avail from us a magnificent and useful collection of high quality Ozone Disinfection Machine that are fabricated from world class basic material. Assisted with a team of skilled professionals, YL-FIRST TECHNOLOGY., LTD. offers these in variety of shapes and sizes. Part form this, we present these in both standard and customized choices. These are fabricated by our highly skilled professionals using supreme grade material and latest technology as per the international quality standards.
Ozone Disinfection Machine - OH6800_X

Model: OH6800_X
Ozone Disinfection Machine
  • 10 Second Machine For Men

People may just want to keep a distance from you if you meet one of the following problems: bad breath, body odor, foot odor, cavity, dental diseases…etc.
It's recommended have an oral examination every six months. In addition to brushing your teeth, do not forget to clean your tongue. Epithelial cells mixed with saliva and food residue accumulate on the tongue and cause bad breath. So, remember to gently brush the tongue with a toothbrush.
CASHIDO's 10 Second Machine is able to remove odors and kill bacteria. Let the 10 Second Machine help you maintain your smile.
  • 10 Second Machine For Children

Children often throw their toys or dolls on the ground, so toys are susceptible to contamination of various bacteria, viruses, and become a threat to baby's health.
It is not a big deal that children give their toys a kiss or a hug, sometimes even a bite. But more often they simply fall asleep with their toys, which may easily lead to bacterial/viral infection.
Most people boil water to sterilize baby's toys. However, this may cause the chemicals to dissolve into the toys, which has harmful effects on affect babys' health.
CASHIDO's 10 Second Machine is able to kill over 99% of bacteria on the surface of toys.
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Ozone Disinfection Machine

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