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YL-FIRST TECHNOLOGY., LTD. specializes in researching & producing different types and specifications of Medical Footwear. And our factory is in Taiwan, with good quality and competitive price, please contact us for more details. We collect all serious abroad demands and offers the best prices and quality.
Medical Footwear - 10-2

Model: 10-2
Medical Footwear

2. Strong feet
Strong Feet Medical Corrective shoe-pads design comes in suitable size to suit human foot size to cater for the teenaged to the aged with biomechanics symptoms.
Strong feet act as preventive, curative and realignment agents.
Poor posture stresses spine. Ligament and muscles are over stretched, joints and nerves are put under extreme pressure.
3. FIR application in medicine requires understanding and knowledge of the interactions of electromagnetic radiation at FIR range with biological structures (including cells, cell membranes, cell fluids – especially water, DNA/proteins) and functioning of the living systems in general.

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Medical Footwear

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