High Arch Support Insoles

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High Arch Support Insoles - 4-4

Model: 4-4
High Arch Support Insoles
1. Strengthen the muscles.
It strengthens the psoas, gluteus muscle, abdominal muscle. It protects the spine and reduces the improper force of the intervertebral disc. It is like wearing a "human natural iron clothes" to prevent and improve the strain of lumbar muscle, lower back pain and sports injuries.

2. Design fit ankle structure – Beautiful posture insoles
3. With STRONG FEET inside your shoes and standing up, the weight of your body will "activate" and synchronize to restore the stability and structure of your joints in your lower lumbar and feet. As you walk the weight, vibration and pressure generated by your body motion will "activate" the STRONG FEET to continuously realigned/restore your inappropriate posture, joints tolerances and relieve muscle strain. Strengthening the core muscles and lower limbs. Protect the skeleton and spine, to avoid the disc slip, reduce the strain of muscles.
4. Superfunction of Strong Feet F.I.R Medical Corrective Shoe-pads
  • Supports four main arches.
  • Benefits is not only for feet, but limbs.

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High Arch Support Insoles

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