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YL-FIRST TECHNOLOGY., LTD. is the leading Taiwan manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Heel Lift Inserts which are formulated to suit individuals' personal needs. Our range is available in high quantities and at most competitive pricing. We are also capable to offer our entire range as per the requirements of our customers. Our produce is available at very reasonable prices. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
Heel Lift Inserts - 4-2

Model: 4-2
Heel Lift Inserts

1. Strong feet
  • Strong Feet Medical Corrective shoe-pads design comes in suitable size to suit human foot size to cater for the teenaged to the aged with biomechanics symptoms.
  • Strong feet act as preventive, curative and realignment agents.
  • Poor posture stresses spine. Ligament and muscles are over stretched, joints and nerves are put under extreme pressure.
2. More than 80% population suffer from foot-related problem, The Problem Foot causes POOR POSTURE. We called it biomechanical symptom. Strong Feet RESTORE your feet and CORRECT your stting, standing, walking and running postures. Makes your healthy living.

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Heel Lift Inserts

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