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Foot Arch Support Insoles - 8-3

Model: 8-3
Foot Arch Support Insoles
1. Health protect the feet first, regimen should be maintain feet first.
Each of our foot is interconnected with 57 joints together with 26 bones connected by 107 ligaments to 19 muscles. Our feet which have a direct impact on the rest of your body and support you with each step.

  • Improves mobility and flexibility.
  • Improve weight dispersion and reduces preaaure on joints.
  • Improve stability and muscle strains for high arched foot.
  • F.I.R. energy:
Excellent remote F.I.R resonating is helpful to smooth blood circulation (improved blood flux +39.7% and blood speed +23.8% for using 20 minutes later. It tested by TTRI Taiwan). It’s great helpful to human health care.
2. The medial longitudinal arch in particular creates a space for soft tissues with elastic properties, which act as springs, particularly the thick plantar aponeurosis, passing from the heel to the toes. Because of their elastic properties, these soft tissues can spread ground contact reaction forces over a longer time period, and thus reduce the risk of musculoskeletal wear or damage, and they can also store the energy of these forces, returning it at the next step and thus reducing the cost of walking and, particularly, running, where vertical forces are higher.

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Foot Arch Support Insoles

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