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As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan,we specialize in the Comfort Insoles manufacturing. We have more than decade rich experience in the product's development, sales and installing, our products have obtained great reputation in domestic and oversea. Our company with high quality products, best services and good reputation, have won a great customers' support, and became more strength and powerful, the scale has been expanded and owned ourself manufactory.
Comfort Insoles - 1-1

Model: 1-1
Comfort Insoles
1. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with year2013 "MACAU International Innovation & Invention Expo".
2. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with "The 27th World Genius Convention and Education Expo".
3. To be awarded Gold medal with year 2014"Inno Design Tech Expo".
4. Patents of Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia. OHIM.

  • People with flat feet and high arches feet or speed up arthritic.
  • People who need working with stable ankle or in exercising.
  • Poor position.
6. Characteristic:
  • Restore sitting, standing, walking and running postures.
  • Suitable more than 90% of full wrapped shoes.
  • Improve weight dispersion and reduces pressure on joints.
  • Improves mobility and flexibility.

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Comfort Insoles

. We keep a strict control on quality which has earned us a high reputation among foreign markets. Our price is more competitive as we have got our own base.
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