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Best Arch Support Insoles - 8-2

Model: 8-2
Best Arch Support Insoles

2. Strong feet
  • Strong Feet Medical Corrective shoe-pads design comes in suitable size to suit human foot size to cater for the teenaged to the aged with biomechanics symptoms.
  • Strong feet act as preventive, curative and realignment agents.
  • Poor posture stresses spine. Ligament and muscles are over stretched, joints and nerves are put under extreme pressure.
3. People who have high longitudinal arches or a cavus foot tend to walk and stand with their feet in a supinated position where the foot inverts or rolls outward. High arches can also cause plantar fasciitis as they cause the plantar fascia to be stretched away from the calcaneus or heel bone. Additionally, high or low arches can increase the risk of shin splints as the anterior tibialis must work harder to keep the foot from slapping the ground.

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Best Arch Support Insoles

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