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We are always keeping an eye on market and customer demand at any time and changing our strategy according to it. We manufacturer, supplier and exporter the best quality Athletic Insoles as well as prompt and satisfactory service according to the environment of the market and customer in Taiwan , which embodies our core value of customer centered and market-oriented on product quality.
Athletic Insoles - 2-1

Model: 2-1
Athletic Insoles
1. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with year2013 "MACAU International Innovation & Invention Expo".
2. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with "The 27th World Genius Convention and Education Expo".
3. To be awarded Gold medal with year 2014"Inno Design Tech Expo".
4. Patents of Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia. OHIM.

5. Suitable:

6. Strong Feet Medical Corrective shoe-pads design comes in suitable sizes to suit human foot size to cater for the teenaged to the aged with biomechanics symptoms. Strong Feet acts as preventive, curative and realignment agents. Poor posture stresses spine. Ligaments and muscles are over stretched joins and nerves are put under extreme pressure. It helps to correct inappropriate posture,disperse body weight evenly and reduces pressure to the joins, feet, lags and lower lumbar to restore healthy and comfortable standing, walking and moving motion.
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Athletic Insoles

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