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YL-FIRST TECHNOLOGY., LTD. is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Arch Shoe Inserts in Taiwan. We use advance technology to process them and assure our clients about the optimum performance. Our research team looks for innovative ideas, accepts challenges and works on evolving product-need based solutions. We offer these products at industry leading prices making them extremely popular among our clients. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
Arch Shoe Inserts - 8-1

Model: 8-1
Arch Shoe Inserts
1. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with year2013 "MACAU International Innovation & Invention Expo".
2. To be awarded Gold medal and Silver Award with "The 27th World Genius Convention and Education Expo".
3. To be awarded Gold medal with year 2014 "Inno Design Tech Expo".
4. Patents of Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia. OHIM.

5. Suitable:

  • People with flat feet and high arches feet or accelerated arthritic.
  • People who require working with steady ankle or in exercising.
  • Poor posture.
6. The anatomy and shape of a person's longitudinal and transverse arch can dictate the types of injuries that person is susceptible to. The height of a person's arch is determined by the height of the navicular bone. Collapse of the longitudinal arches results in what is known as flat feet. A person with a low longitudinal arch, or flat feet will likely stand and walk with their feet in a pronated position, where the foot everts or rolls inward. This makes the person susceptible to heel pain, arch pain and plantar fasciitis.[3] Flat footed people may also have more difficulty performing exercises that require supporting their weight on their toes.
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Arch Shoe Inserts

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